New America

Identity, UI/UX, Print

We collaborated with New America over the course of two years to create this visual identity and interactive experience. The non-partisan, DC think tank is led by Anne-Marie Slaughter, with names like Eric Schmidt and Fareed Zakaria on their board of directors. The organization is comprised of more than a dozen individual programs writing about subjects like politics, education, technology, and equality.

In addition to creating the visual identity for the larger organization, each of the programs were given their own sub-identity. Each mark was created using elements found in the New America logo and each program received a unique color. They also got their own property on the site for publishing writing, listing events, and highlighting initiatives.


  • Kyle Tezak — Designer
  • Simple Scott — Creative Director
  • Mike McQuade — Designer
  • Darrin Higgins — Developer
  • Elisabeth Hass — Project Manager
  • Andrew Kaye — Developer
  • Gabor Nagy — Developer
  • Joseph Chiocci — Developer
  • Chris Wolff — Developer
  • Quinn Keaveney — Developer
  • Created at Simple Honest Work